Borderlands 3’s New Character Zane The Operative

Borderlands 3’s New Character Zane The Operative


The launch date of Borderlands 3 approaching fast and fan’s of Borderlands series and waiting impatiently. Today Gearbox has released an all-new trailer of Zane Flynt, a new playable character.

So let us begin with the introduction of Zane the Operative: Zane Flynt, belonging from a well-known family on Pandora is a sort of retired hitman, who doesn’t socialize.

Let us talk about Zane Flynt abilities. Among others, a deployable SNTNL drone armed with a machine gun, hunting enemies down. A barrier shield and a projector clones, which are used to distract enemies. Also, Zane can teleport to these clones.

So it seems that he can be an attacker, striker or defender. You can check out the latest trailer below.

Borderlands 3 will launch on PS4, PC and Xbox One on 13th September 2019.


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