Forza Horizon 4 review

Forza Horizon 4 review


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This game has got everything going for it
The good
  • Nice Collection of cars

  • Great Graphics

  • Beautiful sound tracks

  • complete bundle

The bad
  • Nothing to complain about

If you are looking for a fantastic race car driving fun with stunning visuals, then Forza Horizon 4 is for you. The new Forza Horizon 4 takes place in the United Kingdom, includes challenging race tracks, surreal graphics, wide variety of cars and team modes.

Let’s begin with the apparent, huge online open world with lots of players, a lot of on and off-road race tracks and styles, huge car collection. This concept is not new, as we all know. No matter how good it looks on paper if game-play, graphics, mechanics and other aspects of a game don’t come together we do end up with a lame game which no one likes to play.

Forza Horizon 4 stand out from the crowd with its excellent game-play, photorealistic scenery, perfectly executed sound effects/tracks. Enjoyable game controls, Stunning lighting.

The player starts in single player mode, giving you a tour of different seasons, yes you read it right “seasons,” there are four distinct seasons in Forza Horizon 4. Introducing players to different types of racing, off-road, circuit, road rally. What impressed us most was the handling and feel of the car changed as weather and track changed.

Arcade mode is still full of fun. Crashing and drifting earn you points, Rewind feature makes it more enjoyable you can do stupid stuff for the sake of fun and then rewind it. Tree’s, walls, fences, nearly everything is destructible.

As you progress through the game players get connected to the shared online world, Where you can take part in “Showcase” events which are great races, like racing against a hovercraft, jet planes, trains. But the real fun begins when you get a yellow wristband, this gets you into a proper game, by bringing you in sync with day and time and seasons with all other players. Every week seasons change and bring new daily and weekly (seasonal) to-do challenges.

To keep track of your progress and skills go to Horizon life screen where players can check there progress and activity and car tuning. There’s plenty do besides racing, smashing influence boards for extra points, beating your personal best in speed-traps. What some danger points, perform huge jumps, interested in buying properties, well you can do that too, so players don’t have to travel far to your garage. In the main menu, we have Rival Section. Here we can compete with other players time, once you beat em then some other player will appear with slightly better time.

As we progress new areas on the map opens up. A good mixture of dirt trails, black roads and few motorways to race are available. Some areas are beautifully created and feel almost real to real life city.

Forza has always put a lot of details to its cars; Horizon 4 is not different from that. Not just cars the roads, buildings, farms, lighting, textures. While driving in-car camera, it feels like a real world, raindrops moving on the windscreen, racing through trees and forest on a sunny day you will get flashes of glare. Almost 450 different makes and models of cars are available. The auction house is also included, where you can buy/bid or sell you cars.

Want to fine-tune your ride, no problem, want to upgrade, well you are in for a treat. Want to customize your beloved race car, we got you covered. Adding some bling like spoilers splitters, we got you covered. There is a new feature, in this players can see how others have modified the cars and you can copy it. Including in new features is Team adventurer, they are online multiplayer races which you can join, players can choose from joining a random group or private. PvP is also great fun.


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