Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Launched Worldwide

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Launched Worldwide


Step back into the dark world of Westeros in the new browser game.

the launch of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming by Yoozoo Games have been announced, a real-time strategy PC browser game which is officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under license from HBO.

HBO, Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Yoozoo Games collaborate to recreate Game of Throne’s Westeros on a massive scale, presenting an authentic and immersive multiplayer world of Seven Kingdoms. The story follows immediately after the death of Eddard Stark when the new player emerges as a new Westeros lord or lady.

Players aim is to build an impenetrable base, train an army and recruit faithful followers from a pool of iconic characters will the final goal of taking the iron Thrones. Several characters from Game of Thrones can be found across the landscape with their own skill sets and band of soldiers and followersAllies should be chosen wisely and recruit them into the ranks.

Players will also be able to invite friends and family to raise an army and compete with other lords and ladies to conquer them. Should they eventually become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, players will have choice able to add their own features and upgrades to sit on the iron Throne is a fashion befitting their reign.

Check out the CGI trailer for Game of Thrones Winter is Coming below and play now.