God of War 2018 Review

God of War 2018 Review


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Overall rating

A complete single player experience with awesome sound and visuals and game-play
The good
  • Absolutely stunning visual Graphics

  • Game-play is gripping

  • Intense Combat system

  • Beautiful story

  • Soundtracks

The bad
  • Bit complex resource system

  • little bit pacing issues


I have been a fan of  God of War game series. I was in love with this game and kept playing with little to no sleep until it was finished. When I played God Of War Ascension, I realized that I got tired by its gameplay and combat and I wanted something more,after some time. Something new, such as a much broader story or a massive improvement in the fighting and gameplay. God of War (2018) is what I expected, granted all my wishes and then went beyond.

God of War is about Kratos and his son Atreus. Kratos has put his turbulent past behind and has moved to the world of the Norse Gods to start a family and to live in peace and love. Kratos intention is to honor his wife last wish to carry her ashes to the top of the highest mountain in Nine Realms.

I love the dynamic relationship between Atreus and Kratos. Atreus’ sincere desire to have a connection with Kratos and to prove to him that he is strong and brave just like him but struggles have a normal conversation with him, and as for Kratos he tries to teach his way of life and become a great warrior as Kratos himself. He cares about Atreus but struggles to show it. Their dialogue interaction was fascinating.

The story is unexpectedly great. One could easily say it’s up there with The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and more. The story is incredible, emotional and touching and makes you want to keep playing.

As for gameplay and combat, it works excellent and is one of the strongest aspects in the game. The new God of War is very interesting, and the battle felt solid and satisfying. It’s not the same hack and slashes action as the previous parts, where Kratos keep cutting through many enemies, but this combat style felt more intense, more strategic. It’s a more significant challenge since the camera is right behind Kratos, so being attacked from behind and sides is very common. Slicing enemies with the axe feel fantastic, and throwing the axe and calling it back into your hands has never stopped being satisfying no matter how many times I have done it. There are skills you can learn. To learn more move-sets with the axe, and abilities and combining those skills in a fight and succeeding makes amazing combos that are just as awesome like the previous games. Exploration is a big part in this game where the player gets to sail a boat and to have many different exciting interactions with other characters. The stage areas are big enough to explore for required items and loots. It never felt short or boring. The upgrade and crafting system in this game works perfectly.

Almost all the characters in God of War are likable. Even the villains, since they are those type of villains that you love to hate. Supporting characters improved the pacing and were refreshing. Kratos’ style is much more refined in this game, and I love him more now than ever before. Atreus is also a badass sidekick. You get to control Atreus during combats such as shooting arrows; he can translate runes and knows a lot about the mythology then Kratos does. Atreus is brilliant and isn’t useless by any means.

Trust me; the jaw-dropping moments and scene are there. Kratos can still take down seriously badass bosses; fights are intense and incredible. Fighting gods felt like fighting Gods. Side quests/favors are almost on part with side quests from The Witcher 3 where they are long, exciting and nearly makes for a good story.

The music in this game is fantastic.

Time to conclude this review, this game got an amazing and heart touching story, great characters and character development, fantastic gameplay with satisfying combat, good pacing, great music, an excellent sense of humor, engaging side quests, badass boss fights and jaw-dropping moments. A must play a masterpiece, especially for those who love great stories. This God of war’s new take on gameplay and combat felt refreshing and needed for a franchise like God of War.

There are so many pleasant surprises in this great game which I do not want to spoil for you guys. This is one of the best games that I have played in many years. It’s definitely up there with The Last of Us, Uncharted, The Witcher 3. Just do yourself a favor and buy this game right now if you haven’t already bought it.


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