Onrush Open Beta

Onrush Open Beta


Codemasters’ new arcade racer, Onrush? You’ll probably want in on the upcoming open beta.

Launching on 17th May at 2 pm (BST), the Onrush open beta will run until 10 am (BST) on Monday 21st May. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers can get in on the action, and those who preorder the game on PlayStation 4 even get a two-day head start, gaining access from the 15th.

The open beta will essentially serve as a tutorial for those interested in Onrush, teaching the basics before the game launches on 5th June. And once players have got grips on game’s basics, they can engage in single-player gameplay as well as co-op and multiplayer. Even photo mode will be available, though only when playing in single player mode. And to give players more incentive to put some time in, there will be a number of Crash tags and Tombstones to unlock which will be carried into the final game.

For more information about the Onrush open beta, visit the Codemasters blog.