Total War: ARENA Open Beta Starts On 22nd Feb 2018

Total War: ARENA Open Beta Starts On 22nd Feb 2018


If you’re a fan of Creative Assembly’s Total War series and like a bit of online action, you should be well aware by now of Total War: ARENA.

An upcoming free-to-play, team-based strategy game, whether you already know of Total War: ARENA or not, the good news is that soon you’ll be able to play it.

The Total War: ARENA open beta launches on the 22nd February, and to celebrate the fact a fourth playable faction has been announced: Carthage. Introducing legendary commanders such as Hannibal Barca and Hasdrubal Barca, the Carthage faction brings new units and gameplay mechanics into the fray. I mean, just who doesn’t want to make use of War Elephants?

Carthage will no doubt be a thorn in the side of the Romans, Barbarians, and Greeks, and if you want to see its units in action you can tune into a live stream at 4:30 PM GMT today over on Twitch.

Want to find out more about the game ahead of the open beta? Head on over to the Total War: ARENA website. You can also give the trailer below a watch.